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Events, or Valley Challenges, are special time-limited Valley tasks that occur every 3 days. Events run for 3 days and can have up to 3 different Stages that must be completed. Different Stages can have different types of tasks, such as filling Event-related orders, or requiring Villagers to be assigned to the Event for certain periods of time.

Successfully completing all the Event Stages within the allotted time earns the Valley a reward. Each Event has it's own specific reward; usually either Great Library Knowledge Points or a 24-hour boost to a Valley Building. Some Events also provide a Valley-Wide No Hunger Boost for a massive boost to Valley productivity!

Valley Members must use special Event Tokens to participate in Events, and Valley Members can only have a maximum of three -- meaning co-operation between Valley Members is vital to complete the Event! If all of a Stage's Tasks aren't completed within the allotted time, the Valley fails the Event and will not receive any reward.

The Event that occurs is chosen at random from all the Events that the Valley is eligible for. Once a particular Event is completed, there is a 14 day cooldown before it can occur again.

Event List

The table below includes all Events that can currently occur in-game, as well as a high level view of the requirements and Valley Reward for successfully completing it. More detailed information on an Event will be found on each Event's own page, including a breakdown of each Stage's task-type and reward.

For any Event listed with a Prerequisite Challenge to occur, a Valley must have successfully completed the prerequisite challenge before that Event can occur.

You can view details about all the events on their own page. So you can exactly see what is coming to your valley.

Event Title Valley Level Required Building Building Level Prerequisite Challenge Valley Reward
The Great Feast 4 Preservery 1 No Hunger
Shipwreck! 4 +500 Great Library Knowledge Points
Sheep Escape! 2 +100% Sheep Pasture Efficiency
Launching Platurtle 2 +500 Great Library Knowledge Points
Road Workin' 3 +400 Great Library Knowledge Points
Limp, My Ride 3 Road Workin' +300 Great Library Knowledge Points
The Ancient Ruins 3 Grand Monument 5 +500 Great Library Knowledge Points
The Ancient Ruins II 3 Grand Monument 6 The Ancient Ruins II +1,000 Great Library Knowledge Points
Fishing Frenzy 5 Fishing Hut 1 +100% Fishing Hut Efficiency
Scarecrow Force 2 Wheat Field +100% Wheat Field Efficiency
Platurtle Vogue 4 Tailor 2 Launching Platurtle +100% Tailor Efficiency
Cake Colossus 5 Bakery 3 +100% Bakery Efficiency
Stuck in a Jam 3 Preservery 1 +100% Preservery Efficiency
Octopus' Riddle 4 Researchers' Guild 1 +1,300 Great Library Knowledge Points
The Unity Quilt 5 Cotton Field +100% Cotton Field Efficiency
Daisy's Shot Sling 7 Toy Workshop 1 +100% Toy Workshop Efficiency
The Cloud Ceremony 6 Indigo Field +100% Indigo Field Efficiency
A Most Exotic Honey 5 Preservery 1 +800 Great Library Knowledge Points
Food Fight! 5 Preservery 1 No Hunger
Full of Hot Air 6 Tailor 3 +1,000 Great Library Knowledge Points
Cloudflower Power 6 Potion Maker 2 +1,100 Great Library Knowledge Points
Cleanin' Up the Bay 7 Toy Workshop 1 +500 Great Library Knowledge Points
Spirit Parade! 5 No Hunger
Breadbear is Gone! 4 Bakery 2 +100% Bakery Efficiency
Saving Salty Sealife 3 Salt Field +100% Salt Field Efficiency
Platurtle Coaster 5 Launching Platurtle +600 Great Library Knowledge Points
Sweet Tooth 4 Sugar Field +100% Sugar Field Efficiency
Save the Earpuffs! 3 Cotton Field +800 Great Library Knowledge Points
One Sandy Valley 4 Claydiggers' Guild 1 +600 Great Library Knowledge Points
Dyeshop Meltdown 6 Dye Shop +100% Dye Shop Efficiency